Phone: +254 700 327 200
Tech. support: +254 202 344 404

How to pay

Solo payment system is PIN-less (No PIN numbers! No scratch cards!!!!). Direct top up only! You don't need to dial 12 random digits to your phone anymore.

Payments can be made by cash only and/or Coins in any of the Solo Payment System self-service payment terminals.

  • 1st step. Choose your service provider
  • 2nd step. Insert you phone or contact number
  • 3rd step. Check your number.  (Please countercheck and be attentive)
  • 4th step. Insert your banknotes and/or Coins to money acceptor carefully (one by one) and push “PAY” button.  (You can insert any numbers of banknotes and/or Coins and pay any amount)
  • 5th step.  Get a receipt.
  • 6th step. Receive a confirmation SMS

Your Payment is done.

Attention! Solo Payment System self-service payment terminal does not give change.