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For providers

If your company accepts payments from individuals and you are interested in providing them (your customers) with a convenient and affordable service payment access and thereby increasing your points of sales, we invite you to join Solo payment system.

The payment system.
Powerful processing center of payments allows you to maintain stable operation during peak loads.

Individual approach; Fast and free connection to Solo Payment system; Good opportunity to reduce costs of for your own sales network deployment, and fast  connection. Increasing an income from sale

We place Solo payment System terminals in the busiest places in the city.

Advertising on the top screens.
It is an opportunity to address ourselves to the clients during the payment process. To spread the information about special offers, new products, promotions. Affiliate programs provide an opportunity to increase and improve customer loyalty.

Professional support for providers is an opportunity to solve the legal, financial, technical, accounting and other issues in the shortest possible time.

For Landlords

Solo Payment System is always looking for the best deals on placement for payment terminals in places with high traffic – shopping malls, department stores, movie theaters, supermarkets, business centers and small shops with high traffic.
Installation of the terminal will provide your customers with additional services that will increase attendance and financial performance of your business.

  • No goodwill.
  • No deposits.
  • No investment from your side!
  • New options to advertise your services, offers e.t.c.

For Advertisers

Our terminals are located in the most popular shopping centers and office buildings.  We are able to place advertisements both: static pictures and animation videos. Consumers will appreciate the new, modern form of advertising. We are open to negotiation in each case.