African Vending Systems brand Name “Solo Payment System” was registered in 2010 and officially rolled out in 2012 as a company providing payment systems. Our energy and perseverance helped us in developing our business, expand geographically and broaden our range of services.

We have a world wide network which spread across the world in various countries including Hangary, Chile, Panama, South America and the whole of the Soviet Union Region.

We want the world to become a more vivid, comfortable and pleasant place to live. From a technological intermediary between customers and service providers, we became a fully-fledged brand that offers smart solutions via a personalized and user-friendly interface. Our main goal is to provide our clients with one of the most precious things in life — time.

The Solo Payment System brand was born of business acumen and imagination. Solo Payment is smart, fast, loyal and full of positive energy. We hope you will come to love Solo Payment System as much as we do.

The new brand combines individuality, accessibility, creativity and at the same time, a major technological component that allows Solo Payment System to be a professional personal assistant.

We stay in touch and help each customer using a unique approach.

We guarantee excellent service and reliability!